A Life-Altering Men’s Leadership Program In Glenwood

7-Week Group to Transcend Stuck Patterns, Shed Old Shame & Cultivate Healthy Power.


Do You Feel Lost About Your Mission & Purpose?


Do You Feel Alone In Your Life Or Marriage/Partnership?


Do You Struggle With Feeling Understood & Appreciated at Home?


Do You Feel Like You Have So Much To Offer Yet Something Is Holding You Back?


Do You Want To Live From A Place Of Grounded Confidence, Clarity, and Strength?


You Don’t Have To Stay Stuck, And You Don’t Have To Figure It Out All Alone…



Men are currently facing a tremendous set of challenges that can leave us feeling isolated, confused and lost. Without clear roles, healthy cultural expectations or grounded mentors, men can easily feel overwhelmed & deflated despite trying to be the best husband, father or person on the planet. While some of us excel at work, we can easily feel unappreciated, incompetent and alone at home or even in the world.


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Commitment & Challenge


This program is an investment & commitment to self-growth & discovery, not just for you, but also for your closest loved ones and the world. Each week we will face experiential challenges while exploring core themes to help you build confidence, shatter limitations & master your power – all in the company of men.



Is this Program For Me?


This Program is Right for you if:

  1. You seek to become your best self. EVER.
  2. You are willing to face challenges & the uncomfortable with courage and authenticity.
  3. You seek clarity about your mission, gifts & purpose & how to live them.
  4. You strongly desire to shatter relationship blocks & connect deeply with your partner.
  5. You long to feel sense of connection in the company of men.
  6. You are not afraid to give & receive feedback & be held accountable.
  7. You wish to learn how to choose thoughts & actions that create an Inspired Life.
  8. You seek to make the world a better place through healthy masculinity.
  9. You honor the feminine & long to understand and love with strength and whole-heartedness.
  10. You long to connect authentically and deeply with your partner.
  11. You want to be a Master…of your thoughts, feelings, actions with strength, power, and clarity.


This Program is NOT for you if:

  1. You wish to keep living from outdated and toxic views of masculinity.
  2. You do not honor the sacredness of the feminine.
  3. You are NOT interested in challenging limiting beliefs, stories and behaviors.
  4. You are NOT open to radically challenging your reality.
  5. You want to be a victim & blame others.
  6. You are content with living your conditioning or patterns.
  7. You wish to settle for mediocracy.


What Men Are Saying…

“I am about to complete a 7-week, men’s group session led by Dan Panzarella of Next Breath Counseling and it has not been what I expected. My reservations about signing up for a men’s group like this were many. I’ve seen counselors before but never as part of a group. I thought, “living with past experiences of heartache, shame, and guilt are hard enough without having to expose myself to others – especially other men.” Unexpectedly, within this fear I found safety and comfort. I am amazed and confounded by the differences in all the men in our group; disparate upbringings, vastly different paternal relationships, wildly different life experiences and yet each week we are shown a shared human experience and why that’s so powerful, and important. Don’t make the mistake that I almost did, thinking that this group isn’t really you – it’s for other guys. It’s actually specifically made for you.”

-Rob, Carbondale, Co.


“Getting to know a small group of other men in a “safe” setting allowed me to explore thoughts and emotions from an expanded point of view while having great camaraderie and support. Hearing the struggles and thoughts we all have reminds us what we all share and have in common. Dan is a great leader for this group and I highly recommend the Transformational Men’s Group.”
– Cory, Glenwood Springs, Co.



“I came into the group having some Men’s Group knowledge and experience from a previous community. However, I did not have an expectation. I am glad I decided to approach this group in that manner. The men were amazingly strong in their convictions and all were open to the idea of sharing and working together, collectively, for the betterment of each individual. Dan was an excellent leader and facilitator to the group, keeping listening lines open, a non-judgmental environment in which to share, and helped the group create boundaries together that we all agreed upon right from the beginning. The impact from the group created a profound change in my perspective of marriage, life, and what it means to be a man. With Dan’s guidance, the oftentimes intimate conversations were easy to listen to, and furthermore, easy to relate to as well. The exercises we did during the group were challenging, but comforting, and the comfort grew tremendously throughout the 7 weeks. We men often feel alone in this life struggle. This group is a great way to find refuge in a group of men, begin breaking out of the old cycle, and finding gratification moving into a new one.” – Stu, Glenwood Springs, Co.


“Like with many new things and opportunities in life, we often don’t participate or we project and tell ourselves- it’s not for me and we miss the real opportunity to become more open and more familiar or comfortable with self and our feelings.
I believe that there are few safe places where men can talk about, express and explore their feelings without bringing up a lot of fear, anxiety and shame.

In regard to the Men’s Group that Dan has offered and initiated, there is a common ground and safe space to bring up as much as one might be willing to share.
In actuality, being in a group listening to others and realizing that we are all experiencing similar challenges but that we want/need to be heard and connect to others is extremely liberating.
As each new week came around, I found myself more comfortable with sharing, with fewer expectations and judgements while continuing to learn and surprise myself.
I truly believe that life is about taking chances and embracing the unknown.
If we really want to change and grow- there is a great opportunity and support system within this men’s group- all we have to do is put aside the fear and take a chance for ourselves.”
– BP, Carbondale, Co


“This Men’s group is excellent for those wanting a greater connection with themselves and others. The group gets right down to the heart of things from the first meeting. Several meditation techniques are practiced that help with self-connection, relaxation, and even one to battle health issues. The topics discussed bring everyone closer to each other in a way that creates lasting brotherhood. Five Stars!!”

– DA, Glenwood Springs, Co


“I have been dissatisfied with some areas of my life for a long time.  causing internal conflict and a discrepancy between what I believe and who I want to be and my actually choices and behaviors.  This has also caused me problems in my relationship and eventual resulted in the loss of it. Knowing i needed to do something different to make a change i decided to see what the group was about and had to offer. It was helpful to feel like i am not alone and  to be vulnerable with other men. I’ve noticed I’m more aware when I’m reacting and living in autopilot.  I’ve learned living this way is why i have this discrepancy.  Im starting to take these opportunities to learn how to slow down and be mindful to make choices from a better state of mind. I was hesitant at first but now Im so glad that I took time and invested in my life.”

– LN, Carbondale, Co.


Details & Logistics


Dates: All groups are held on Tuesday evenings at 401 27th St. in Glenwood Springs, 6-8pm starting: July 17 2018 | July 24 | July 31 | August 7 | August 14 | August 21 | August 29

Cost: $500 for 7 weeks (14 hours) of transformational group experience. Includes 30% off any individual or couples coaching sessions during the program. Cash, Check, Credit & Debit Cards are accepted as payment.

Max Participants: 8 Men


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