You Are Not Who They Think You Are

We have been trained to think that our identities are the most important aspects of who we are. A few years back, Macy’s did a marketing campaign that focused on how their products made “You”, More you. In that particular commercial, there’s a...

On Self-Esteem in Teenagers

Low self-esteem is an issue that most of us experience at certain times in our life. However, teenagers seemingly experience the ebbs and flow of self-confidence even more so during the developmental stages. Among high school students, 44% of girls and 15% of guys are...
Chronic Stress and How You Can Relieve It

Chronic Stress and How You Can Relieve It

Chronic stress has become a national epidemic across America for all ages. The predominant group that seems to experience stress the most is Generation X and Millenials. The factors come down to a series of things: socioeconomic status, environment, genetics, and...
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