CRAFT Family Training

Craft Family Training

Addiction affects everyone, not just the one using substances. At times, we can feel lost, exhausted and overwhelmed trying to support our loved ones in the throws of addiction. In this process, it can be challenging not to react out of emotions or cultural messages about “addicts” and addiction. While understandable, this is often like throwing a log on the fire of disconnection and dysfunction.

If you are feeling afraid and not sure how to engage with your loved one who is using substance, sex, food or other distractions to cope with life, there is hope. CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training is an effective, compassionate and evidenced-based skillset that can provide us a foundation for caring for yourself while skillfully interacting with a loved one.

CRAFT helps us focus on controlling the message we send to loved ones in ways that have been proven effective and teaches family and friends effective strategies for helping their loved one to change and for feeling better themselves. CRAFT works to affect the loved one’s behavior by changing the way the family interacts with him or her. It is designed to accomplish three goals:

  1. When a loved one is abusing substances and refusing to get help, CRAFT helps families move their loved one toward treatment.
  2. On its own, CRAFT helps reduce the loved one’s alcohol and drug use, whether or not the loved one has engaged in treatment yet.
  3. CRAFT improves the lives of the concerned family and friends.

Our work together will combine the communication skills, positive reinforcement, and natural consequences components of CRAFT, along with self-regulation, self-compassion and self-care skillsets.

Ultimately, you will have the tools to nurture yourself while supporting your loved one with love, skill and confidence.


  • $90 per 60 min session


  • For your convenience, Next Breath Counseling allows you to pay via cash, check or credit card. We also offer online invoicing.


  • At this time, Next Breath Counseling does not take any commercial insurance other than Valley View Hospital’s EAP. We are working on getting approved for Anthem, however it’s a process. We recommend that you call your insurance company to see what they cover regarding counseling services. Some offer reimbursements while others only work with providers in their network. We also recommend checking with your employer to see if they have an EAP (employee assistance program) that funds counseling services.

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