Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, struggling with anxiety, depression, mood fluxuations, or needing guidance through spiritual transformation, next breath can help. 

I offer warmth and compassion with evidence-based skills to help guide you to your greatest you. I specialize in working with adults, teens, and men and offer online Zoom sessions for your convenience.

Treatment methods

When it comes to the needs of individual clients, I fully embrace Carl Jung’s famous words: “The shoe that fits one pinches another.”  Cultivating emotional safety and the quality of our therapeutic relationship requires empathy, non-judgment and meeting each person where they are at on their unique journey. From there, treatment modalities used will be tailored to your strengths, interests and goals.

The foundation of my practice stems from working with the mind (thoughts and awareness) and the body (using the body to regulate emotional states).

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) explores one’s thoughts, relationship to thoughts, and the interconnection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We are not our thoughts, however many people take their conditioned and often false thoughts as truth, which causes much suffering.  As the Buddha said, “The mind is everything; what we think, we become.” With Radical Acceptance (clear-seeing & compassion), we will explore thoughts, their roots, and use awareness to create space between thoughts and the observer of thoughts. Through this method, you will learn not to identify with thoughts (become them), challenge them, and choose your own beliefs to cultivate a whole, integrated self.

Mindfulness infuses CBT with curiosity, non-judgment and acceptance of the present moment.  Rather than resist or avoid what is (as is often done when struggling with anxiety, depression and addiction), mindfulness practices allows one the ability to be with their direct experience compassionately. We learn to use the body to regulate and ground challenging emotions rather than trying to out-think ancient, and primordial emotions like fear, anxiety and anger.

This integrated, mind-body-spirit approach builds skills, the capacity to ride the waves of emotional states and life challenges with confidence, and a deeper connection to yourself, reality and truth.

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“Forget about your life situation and pay attention to your life. Your life situation exists in time. Your life is now. Your life situation is mind-stuff. Your life is real.” ~ Eckhart Tolle