Become a Super Hero (to your child) in 6 Weeks

If you long to long to feel closer to your child, understand and respond to their moods and behaviors with skill and compassion, and help your child to reach their greatest potential, this program is for you.

This 6-week Dad’s group combines mindfulness practices and experiential exercises to support fathers (and fathers-to-be) with children of all ages.  Through cultural conditioning and misguided beliefs around what it means to be a father, men have historically been cut off from their hearts, authentic presence, and true gifts.  This program provides a safe space for fathers to explore their beliefs and cultural conditioning, cultivate the ability and skills to connect authentically and compassionately, foster the capacity to respond to our families with heart and strength, and care for ourselves in a way that models self-compassion, healthy masculinity, true power and presence.

This program is highly experiential in nature, and consists of mindfulness practices, large group discussion, working in small groups, lecture, movement, and opportunities to step out of your comfort zone. Please bring an open heart and mind, and a willingness to explore, unlearn, and experience in fresh ways. For questions, click here.


Program Goals

1.  Understand our own beliefs about what it means to be a dad, and barriers to reaching our greatest potential as a father.

2.  Learn to regulate our difficult emotions and teach our children to do the same.

3. Cultivate an awareness of habitual patterns of thought and reactivity to our kids so that we can choose to regulate & respond to our families (and selves) with compassion and skill.

4.  Develop an understanding of attachment, developmental stages, basic neuro-biology and Whole Brain Parenting skills.

5.  Learn to kindly connect to our direct experience, our bodies and minds in a community of fathers.

6.  Explore and practice communication that builds self-awareness, heightens intimacy and connection with our families.

7.  Build a lifestyle that supports connection, authenticity, healthy masculinity, mindfulness practice and self-compassion.

Location: Old Cardiff School House, 4018 Sky Ranch Dr, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 | See Map

Dates: Thursdays 5:30PM – 7:00PM, Starting March 30th – May 4th, 2017

Cost: $250 for 6, 1.5 hour group sessions + One, 30 minute phone consultation + access to Mindful Dad’s FB group

Register: To sign up for this unique opportunity, please click the ‘Pay Now’ button below to safely pay via paypal or credit/debit card. For using a check or cash, please call tel: 970-260-0868. Payment ensures entry into the group. Sign up now as this group is limited to 10 participants.

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Questions: For questions, comments or to sign up for future groups, please call 970-260-0868 or visit our contact page

*This group is limited to 10 fathers. Sign up today to secure your seat!

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