Parent Coaching

Being a parent is the hardest job on the planet and it can be difficult to know how to handle all the different situations that you’ll face as a parent. A parent coaching program can help empower you to understand how your own upbringing factors into your parenting decisions while also enabling you to become aware of your own strengths and challenges as a parent. The more mindfulness you bring into your interactions with your children, the easier it will be to guide them along their own successful life paths.

Parenting Services

“Leave your pride, ego, and narcissism somewhere else. Reactions from those parts of you will reinforce your children’s most primitive fears. ” – Henry Cloud

Parenting can be one of the most fascinating and utterly miserable experiences – at once.  Most parents I know deeply love and want to raise their child with as much love and wisdom as possible. Though try as we might, good intentions and our childhood experiences do not always provide the best road map to navigate our parenting journey.

What is parent coaching?

Parent coaching, unlike family therapy, focuses primarily on supporting parent strengths and challenges.  I am your guide, advocate, and facilitate your individual grow, self-awareness and skills to most effectively align your goals and intentions with actions and practices that produce results.

The two core components of parent coaching:

1. working with parents to explore their childhood conditioning, as it relates to current parenting challenges, limiting beliefs & expectations, and emotional reactivity. 

2. teaching new skills, practices and interventions to help you learn to relate, communicate, understand, and respond (vs. react) to your child while shaping their insight, behaviors and self-awareness.

Parent coaching can take place in the office, over the phone for short check ins and interventions or via Zoom (video conference).

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”
~ David Richo