Dan Panzarella

Jake Hanks, LPC

The love that I have for guiding others through their healing process grew organically and as a direct result of my own healing and personal exploration. Childhood traumas and mental illnesses within my family of origin resulted in a heavy heart and lack of optimism that plagued me for many years, leaving me feeling confused and “stuck.” There was a sense of serendipity, of right place and right time that I experienced as I discovered and cultivated a mindfulness practice. After healing old scars and somehow making sense of it all, I found myself seeking to provide balance to those who had lost or were losing their sense of purpose. It then became clear to me that we all benefit from receiving compassion, and that by appreciating the sophistication in simplicity we can enrich ourselves and the lives of those around us. 


My practice is rooted in the idea that we are all born with basic goodness, something we never lose. As we grow, messages are passed down from parents, family, and society that create our world view. Experiences shape how we attach to others and ourselves. As children, we would have had no choice but to take in these beliefs, or introjects. These messages were often the products of well-meaning, conditioned people doing the best they could. We make them our own, often unquestioning their import.  Even if the story created is miserable, it is a known quantity, and is therefore safe.  

Therapy provides us the opportunity to safely explore these old tapes, survival strategies, and limiting beliefs to uncover deeper truths, boundless possibilities, wholeness and health.  Utilizing here-and-now interventions, elements of neuropsychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, (mindfulness, non-judgment, and holistic perspectives), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion, will help guide you towards inner stillness, truth, and boundless potential.

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~  C.G. Jung