Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Recovery Counseling

Having struggled with addiction and worked with hundreds of others who have as well, I offer both a clinical and experiential perspective on recovery.  While there are several supports in the community, including AA meetings, I believe that many of these resources fail to align with current research and perspectives on addiction treatment.

I view addiction as the human condition, with a spectrum of severity vs a moral issue or simple choice.  Every being, including a single-cell amoeba, instinctually moves away from cold and pain and towards warmth and pleasure.  Some use facebook and food to distract from boredom while others shop, use drugs or sex to move towards pleasure or push away from pain.  

These behaviors become “clinically significant” when they interrupt the well-being of our relationships, livelihood, health or harmony.

Our work together involves a compassionate exploration of your past and patterns, triggers and beliefs to clearly understand the nature of your struggle with addiction. We learn self-compassion skills, and the ability to witness our experience with nonjudgment and curiosity vs. habitually reacting to avoid pain or produce pleasure.

Part of the recovery journey involves learning new skills, including Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention or other evidenced-based practices, and cultivating a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle for the mind and body. For more information about our training and nutritional support services, click here.

Understanding that addiction affects the entire family, I also offer support services for parents and loved ones of those struggling with addiction. Please click here to learn more about family support and CRAFT: Community Reinforcement and Family Training services.

Resource Highlight

Annie Grace is the author of This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life. Annie lives happily alcohol-free with her husband and three children in the Colorado mountains. She holds live events and helps people through Alcohol addiction. Find out more about her in the links below.